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Patmos Island 2024 Retreats

Simple and powerful programs create a sacred space for all to work through personal transformation, discovery, and connection. Retreats are filled with opportunities for authentic self-expression and connection, insights, and tools that can be applied to your personal and professional life. 


Through yoga,  meditation, dance,  healing arts,  creative writing, and more, we invite you to uncover deeper layers of the Self and practice the art of living in the present moment.


We also offer private and family retreats.

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Move + Blossom: Yoga & Herbal Adventures

Yoga + Herbs Retreat - Patmos Island, Greece

   September 16-22, 2024

Join us for a rejuvenating Yoga and Herbs Retreat, where the healing powers of nature and mindful practice come together.


If you are looking for a revitalising self-care experience where you can indulge in the wonderful Greek island lifestyle, this retreat offers a harmonious blend of daily yoga sessions and immersive herbal workshops.


Spend a full week immersed in relaxation, nurturing, and creativity. You'll explore the art of yoga, focusing on breath, balance, and inner peace. Additionally, we will introduce you to the world of medicinal plants, teaching you how to incorporate these natural remedies into your daily routine.

Enjoy the tranquility of our beautiful surroundings, nourish your body with organic meals, and leave feeling revitalised and connected to the earth. Rediscover your inner harmony through the combined wisdom of yoga and herbal healing.

Join certified yoga instructor Athena Sidi and agronomist Eirini Daouka for an immersive Yoga & Herbal retreat in the captivating Dodecanese Islands:


What's included:

6 nights/7days


Enjoy two daily sessions of outdoor yoga and meditation


Immerse yourself in six days of transformative rituals, mindful walks, delightful surprises, and ample free time

Accommodation in small studios with a beautiful sea view


Enjoy creating new bonds, share surprising conversations & laughter


Benefit from personalized guidance within our intimate group of ten participants


A surprise or two!

Transfer from boat to the studios

What’s Not included


Travel insurance

Travel expenses

Rooms & Pricing

Single room - 1550 euro

Sharing - 1350 euro  (2-3 people )


Optional Activities

Excursion, sightseeing


Massage or acupuncture session

Cancelation Policy

To reserve your space we require a deposit of 30% of the total price.

The deposit is refundable until September 15th in case of cancellation

The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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Yoga Retreat - Patmos Island, Greece

   October 18-24, 2024

Dear  travelers, yogis, adventures, and free spirits

Take the time to turn your gaze inward, embracing the essence of each moment. Explore the depths of your being with every mindful breath, a journey, allowing thoughts to drift like passing clouds.


Step by step, immerse yourself in the flow of your breath, under the expansive sky and the gentle whispers of the wind, feeling the warmth of the earth beneath your feet and the illuminating touch of sunlight on your skin. These simple treasures accompany you, enriching your life long after the retreat.

Join certified yoga instructors Athena Sidi and Marika Zisyadis for our 7th edition retreat in the captivating Dodecanese Islands:

At the end of the retreat you will:

- Feel reconnected with nature and yourself
- Feel relaxed, cleansed, inspired, rested, detoxed, and stretched.
- Leave with a healthy glow and a big smile on your face.
- Leave with some useful tips on how to eat according to your personal constitution              


Living in Patmos is pure bliss


Single room - 1550 euro

Sharing - 1350 euro  (2-3 people )


Optional Activities

Excursion, sightseeing


Massage or acupuncture session

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